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A Land Flipping Course
Focused on Subdividing & Improving Land

Huge Margins. Low Capital Startup. We Teach You How!

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For a broad strokes introduction to our style of land flipping, you may watch the intro video to every module of the course. This provides an outline of the full course so you know what to expect.

Module 1

Ideal Conditions

What factors make for ideal conditions for a successful land flip deal? In this module, we will walk through the different aspects a budding flipper should consider when positioning him/herself for a lucrative deal.
Module 2

Finding Flip Deals

Ready to find your flip deal? In this module we will give you all the tools you need to find a killer opportunity. Knowing how to recognize value in land when you see it is an incredibly valuable skill that precious few people have (even some purported real-estate experts). In this lesson, we aim to teach you how to have a keen eye for spotting diamonds in the rough.
Module 3

Closing The Deal

Found that sweet flip deal yet? The next step means moving to purchase, and it isn’t quite the same as buying a stick of gum. Plans need to be carefully formed, legal matters attended to, and of course, the pesky ordeal of actually getting the money together. In this chapter we will discuss how to bootstrap a deal using your new knowledge, a bit of luck, and some crafty contractual maneuvers.
Module 4

Improve & Subdivide

Now that you’re the proud owner of some dirt, it is time to subdivide and improve as you make ready to move to market and collect your profits. In this module, we will discuss how to navigate the byzantine rules and regulations regarding land development, and prepare your parcel to meet its full potential before facing the public.
Module 5

Selling Your Land

Are you ready for your profit yet? Of course, there is the matter of sales to discuss. Our sales philosophy revolves around making the customer’s discovery and purchase of the land so simple and painless that it could literally be done by a child. In such a way, we believe we can teach you how to use certain inefficiencies in the marketplace to your ultimate advantage, and that is what this module is all about.
Module 6

Tools & Tricks

What tools belong in a land flippers toolbox? In this module, we’ll be attempting to answer that question and let you know how you can reinvest your profits into some hassle-saving accouterments.
Module 7

Advanced Flipping

What’s the next step after you’ve gotten your business off the ground? How can we 10x our profit and continue to scale ever upwards? In this module, we’ll be discussing some advanced techniques that can bring your land flipping game to the next level.

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