The Land Flipper: Turning Dirt Into Dollars

The Land Flipper: Turning Dirt Into Dollars

You’ve heard of flipping everything from houses to antiques. But land?

This is the definitive text, the 101 course, the nuts and bolts of an unexploited niche of the real estate market. The Land Flipper is the result of thirty years in the business and lays out in simple English how to start from scratch and build a real estate empire out of the earth beneath your feet.

They keep making people but they stopped making land a long time ago. It’s a business where demand goes up and supply goes down every day. Let E.B. Farmer walk you through the basics of getting started in an under-appreciated honey hole of the market where the laws of supply and demand are firmly on your side.

Broken down into step-by-step chapters, The Land Flipper contains detailed information about:

  • How to find, negotiate and buy land with very little money out of pocket – including tips on how to mold land-related real estate contracts to your advantage.
  • Dividing land in order to multiply your profit.
  • How to navigate county offices to find and research stellar deals.
  • Techniques for improving the land in order to make it attractive to buyers, including a review of the tools of the trade.
  • Specialized financial techniques – like wrapping notes and partial releases – which you can set up to make your land much easier to sell.
  • Cheap, easy ways to market and sell your land.

And a whole lot more. The Land Flipper is a must-read book for anyone interested in approaching real estate from a unique angle that hasn’t yet been saturated.